What listeners are saying...

“This has become my favorite podcast!”

… you guys have such a good vibe together

This is a new favorite podcast and this episode blew. me. away!  So juicy!  I’ve listened to it twice now, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  I love a podcast where I feel like I really learned something.

Wow! Your content is on point, very conscious

Just finished this episode! I’m officially hooked on this podcast! Loving it!!

I’ve listened to all of them. Great info!

A blend of science and metaphysical…Everyone should be open to this podcast as the hosts dive into all aspects of the metaphysical world. I love the science behind the information. I want to learn more and can’t wait for the next episode.

Jo and Fiora are a great combination!

This episode was really interesting. You two do such an awesome job bringing your knowledge to the table. I really freaking love your podcast!

I just listened to your podcast. You and Fiora work so good together! Super interesting and fun.