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Jo Figueras

Jo is an Akashic Record Reader, a Psychic Medium, and a Numerology Practitioner with a focus on empowering Intuitives and Empaths to develop and strengthen their intuitive abilities and align with their Soul Blueprint.

She lives in Oregon with her dog Hollis and to feed her soul, she is a Silversmith who incorporates Numerology and Astrology in the intuitive design of custom crystal jewelry for her clients to enhance their personal energy.

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Fioraliz Franco

Fiora is an empath, an intuitive and a channel. She is a shadow work teacher and a reiki practitioner. Her interests are focused on astrology, shamanic practices, and energetic work for living spaces. She is a descendent of the Zacateco natives of Mexico and Nahua-Pipil of Central America. Fiora lives in California with her husband and their three children.

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