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Jo Figueras

Jo is a Spiritual Medium/Akashic Reader and a Spiritual Practices Mentor. She’s also a Silversmith/Jewelry Artist living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. “ I am blessed to have learned that I can do ALL the things that call to me and I don't have to specialize in one area in order to be successful, or to define who I am.”


Her current focus is mentoring other intuitives through development of their most authentic and empowered expression of their soul for self-mastery and aligned decision making.

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Fioraliz Franco

Fioraliz is an Empath, Intuitive/Channel and a Karuna Reiki practitioner. Her current focus is centered around shadow work and inner child healing using the modalities of astrology, shamanic practices, and facilitating group ceremonies.

Reconnecting and incorporating Mesoamerican indigenous practices and ancestry has been a key factor in her healing journey and in creative endeavors. Learning and sharing are her trademarks.

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